Thursday, June 12, 2014

Big Sister

Jessica loves playing with her little brother. Since she was almost 4 years old when we brought Spencer home, she has not had the "jealous sibling" reaction that some younger kids do. He's more like a live toy/personal baby/playmate to her. And I think by watching Spencer's adoption, she has a better understanding of her own adoption. Here she's holding him at 3 months old:

This session in the rocking chair included pretending Spencer was kicking her & punching her, teaching him to scratch his head and suck his thumb, and trying to hug a floppy, 1 month-old baby, and lots of laughing.

She is a silly one, and she's already saved me dozens of times by entertaining Spencer or popping his pacifier back in.

She will pull him around in his car seat & pile on the toys on him.

His finger-sucking is funny to her. (He is much better about sucking fingers and pacifiers than she was.)

And her latest trick: climbing into his crib to play with him. (We put mittens on him for sleeping so he won't cut himself scratching the cradle-cap rash on his head.)

I love that I have a daughter and a son for holidays and taking to church on Sundays.

Below Jessica poses in February for his Valentine's baby party, and in April in the local library for his legal adoption by phone.

On Memorial Day, 2014:

My mother says babies are the most expensive toys you'll ever have. Might as well get our fun in, like Dave & Jessica playing the "punch your sister" game.

For now, 2 kids fit in the reading chair with a parent.

Jessica is a little mommy, copying me and helping me out.

I spend a lot of time with the kids in this double stroller, walking in our neighborhood. In this picture, Dave and I did a "pi" run (3.14 miles) on Pi Day (3/14/2014), which is also my birthday. It was perfect, because all the runners got pie at the end, and I love pie better than birthday cake. Spencer slept, Jessica grumbled about being cold, I actually ran most of it, and Dave ran/walked the whole thing (good enough with a stroller and a crowd of other people wanting pie.)

I catch them playing funny games: apparently this adventure was "driving with the ballerina". She cracks me up, and I can't wait to see them grow up together and be friends.

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  1. The picture of you and Jessica with your baby slings is to die for! And, WHOA, how did I not realize that YOUR BIRTHDAY IS PI DAY?! Coolest birthday ever!